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Sonic Boom! Guile confirmed for Capcom’s Street Fighter 6

The man is back. One of the most popular of the original World Warriors, Guile will make his return to the series for the just revealed Street Fighter 6.


Capcom calls him “America’s Hero”, and I can’t think of a much better title. An Air Force pilot, Guile has been fighting the good fight against Bison from the very beginning. He debuted in the original release of Street Fighter II, and didn’t change all that much in the games since.

Now an updated version of the all-American character is the latest fighter to debut for the forthcoming Street Fighter 6. He’ll be facing off against old pals Chun-Li and Ryu, as well as newcomers Luke and Jamie.

Here’s a look at him in action:

As you can see there, the old boy’s got his classic arsenal for sure, but more than a few new tricks as well. And yes, the comb is back too. That’s always nice to see.

Here’s a sampling of his special attacks:

  • Somersault Kick (Flash Kick) – The classic backflip kick
  • Sonic Boom – Guile’s main projectile ability
  • Sonic Blade – A stationary aerial slash
  • Sonic Hurricane – A massive aerial slash that lands directly ahead or diagonally upwards
  • Solid Puncher – Fires a flurry of small Sonic Boom projectiles
  • Crossfire Somersault – A brand new Super Art that fires a massive aerial slash followed by a devastating Somersault Kick

Street Fighter 6 has no release date just yet, buyout you can expect to play it on Xbox and PlayStation platforms, as well as the PC when it finally arrives.

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