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Trailer: Classic turn-based strategy returns with Shields of Loyalty

Get ready for some serious PC gaming flashbacks, as Mosaic Mask Studio’s Shields of Loyalty is bringing turn-based strategy back with a vengeance.

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Shields of Loyalty is the turn-based strategy game to play to keep the legacy of the genre-classics alive, while adding new features and modern gameplay mechanics. Set in a lovingly crafted 2D dark fantasy world, Shields of Loyalty will have players stay in the world of Mantaria for just one more round. Challenging turn-based battles with high replayability value will keep armchair generals victorious from battle to battle!

Mosaic Mask Studio press release

If you’ve already heard of Shields of Loyalty, it’s because the game has been out in Early Access form for a while. This new update though (version 0.8.1), brings the game one step closer to full retail launch, and adds in a bunch of new stuff.

That includes a frost-covered isle to play on, that offers up 9 new levels of strategic action. That’s in addition to new everything, including enemies, events, points-of-interest, and more. So if you’ve already picked it up and played, you might want to go back and have another look.

As for that full retail launch, it’s still a little ways off, and is planned for some time around the end of the year.

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