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Coming Holiday ’22, here’s your first look at Sega’s open-world Sonic Frontiers

The particulars of Sonic Frontiers haven’t been revealed, but thanks to a trailer reveal at The Game Awards, we do know it’s looking incredible.

Open speed

The next Sonic the Hedgehog game will be a lot different from what you’ve come to expect. For one thing, it’ll be departing from the 2D style that’s brought the mascot back into the upper tier of gaming.

Now, you might be wondering why Sega and Sonic Team would do that. After all, Sonic’s 3D adventures haven’t been all that great. It’s really the classic-style of platformer that made him popular again.

That said though, once you watch the trailer for Sonic Frontier, I think you’ll be hard-pressed to not get just a little bit excited for it.

Before you start asking questions, know that basically no info has been issued yet on SF. All we know is that it’s open-world, and obviously features a realistic and hyper-detailed world, built around the familiar cartoony visage of Sonic.

Much more to come on Sonic Frontiers, so stay tuned as we head into 2022. Sega says that the game will be en route to consoles next Holiday season.

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