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Xbox Games with Gold adds Rocket Knight, LEGO Batman 2 and more this month

Xbox Live subscribers will have 4 more ‘free’ games to download this month, though I wouldn’t say any of them are must-plays exactly.

Not awful

Yeah it’s not the best of month’s for Xbox gamers. Well, in terms fo free Xbox Games with Gold titles anyway. November 2021 sees a new quarter arrive, though none are all that great and the two better picks are 360 games.

If you’re a DC Comics or Batman fan, then LEGO Batman 2 is a fun time that’s definitely worth a look. The title introduced non-Bat characters like Wonder Woman and Superman, and featured a pretty big Gotham City to play in. And like most LEGO titles it likely keeps much of its charm, even though it’s seriously long in the tooth at this point.

As for Rocket Knight, that’s the rebirth of the classic 16bit era shooter/platformer. It’s also another title that’s still fairly good looking, thanks to it’s 2D, hand-drawn style. It’s bright and colorful, and just might hit the spot for old’ school fans.

While I haven’t played either Movin’ Out or Kingdom Two Crowns, they don’t look bad. Movin’ Out in particular looks like it might be worth a glance, especially if you’re looking for something to relax with. Oh, and you play as a FART, or Furniture Arrangement and Relocation Technician.

As for the release calendar, it’s of course staggered, as it is every month. It looks a little something like this:

Source: Xbox News Wire

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