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Trailer: Sands of Aura blends Soulslike and aRPGs, is out now

Isometric aesthetic meets Soulslike gameplay for Chashu and Freedom Games’ aRPG Sands of Aura. The game is out now for the PC, in Early Access.

Like sands though the hourglass

Hoist the sails, choose between seven combat styles, and traverse the vast sandsea wasteland to uncover islands infested with thieves, bandits, and plague-riddled husks. Master abilities to slash, block, and dodge through imposing enemies and locate the next checkpoint. Experiment with freely customizable load-outs of armor, weapons, magic, and consumable items to create a personalized playstyle. 

Loot abandoned ruins of once great and powerful kingdoms to stock up on supplies for the long journey ahead. In between skirmishes, find harmony in the quiet moments around the main hub, the Starspire. Bask in the subversive beauty of the world accompanied by a fully symphonic soundtrack by Eduardo Lopez (Grand Guilds, Wisp, Artificial Infiltration).

Chashu Entertainment

Sands of Aura is available for the PC right now, in Early Access form. You can grab a copy via either Steam or the Epic Games Store.

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