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20 year old, formerly-unfinished GameBoy title Infinity launching Kickstarter

A Kickstarter campaign will soon begin to complete the two decades old GameBoy Color title, Infinity. Ready to go back to the days of 8bit RPGs?

Infinity took an eternity

Around 20 years ago, somewhere between ’99 and ’01, Affinix Software was hard at work on an RPG for the GameBoy Color. No, not the GB Advance, that didn’t come out till summer ’01 believe it or not. This one was meant for the Color.

The game was called Infinity, and featured an ambitious level of depth. A tactical combat system highlighted the action, which centered on over 50 “explorable areas”, filled with monsters to beat up on and over 100 items to use.

The title was not to be finished though, and has sat in that condition for all the years since… Well, that is to say it has until now. A Kickstarter campaign is launching to finish what Affinix started, thanks to Incube8 Games and Retro Modding.

Here’s a look:

In Infinity, an ancient, nameless evil stirs beneath the earth, twisting the land and its people alike with its corrupting force. Two rival nations careen toward war, as shadowy figure arms them both with unholy weapons of immense power.  

Incube8 Games and Retro Modding.

How cool does that look? We normally don’t report on Kickstarter campaigns, but this one was too cool to pass up on. If you want to check it out, click here. The Kickstarter is up, but hasn’t started yet. Still, you can check out the campaign at least, and get a look at that awesome little GameBoy cart.

That’s right, this one’s actually going to get a cartridge-based, physical launch. Too cool.

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