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Dark Horse to publish new graphic-novelizations of original The Witcher tales

The Witcher is rolling, with a popular series on Netflix, and a steady stream of collectibles and comics. Now you can add a series of graphic novel adaptations.

Bewitched again

If you’re a fan of writer Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher, then you already know he’s a pretty popular character. The supernatural hero began in the pages of Sapkowski’s books and short-stories, before making the jump to video games, where he really busted into the world of pop-culture in a huge way.

Now with a live-action series on Netflix starring Henry Cavill, and an animated feature on the way, Geralt’s visage regularly adorns action figures, collectibles, and plenty more. One other realm he’s seemingly conquered, is comics.

Dark Horse is no stranger to the hero already, and is taking that relationship one step further. The publisher is set to produce a new series of graphic novels, each one based on one of Sapkowski’s original tales. the first, will be the very first Witcher story; A Grain of Truth.

A mysterious mansion

Cover art by Kai Carpenter

Writer Jacek Rembiś is attached to the project, along with The Witcher vet Travis Currit. Jonas Scharf will be handling the art for the book, with Kai Carpenter providing the cover art.

The famed witcher Geralt takes a shortcut down a beaten path where he makes a grim discovery of two corpses. Backtracking their trail, he’s led to a derelict mansion adorned with a rare elegance he can’t ignore. Geralt is met with the mansion’s owner—not quite human, but a beast with the faculties of a man. Unfazed by his monstrous appearance and displays of aggression, the beast invites him inside. A kind, but wary host, he shares stories of his family, his life . . . and his curse. If the weight of his misdeeds could condemn him to the body of a beast—a retribution spoken of only in fairy tales, could there be another grain of truth in these tales of fantasy—one that could help him elude his fate and lead him to salvation?

Dark Horse Comics

Look for A Grain of Truth to land on retail shelves some time next spring (2022).

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