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E3 2021: Space station sim Starmancer hits Early Access in August

From Ominux Games and Chucklefish, Starmancer is a sim that tasks you with running a cartoony spaceport. Oh, and there are cannibals.

Port of call

As sims go, this one’s looking like an entry to watch. It might not have been on simulation fans’ radars before E3, but Starmancer most definitely should be now. This unique title casts players in the role of a station AI.

An artificial intelligence, players will have to sustain the humans that call its station home. That includes growing new clone bodies for them to pop their consciousness’ into, defending the facility against threats, and otherwise making sure that everyone is happy and healthy. Or… not.

Like with any good tech-gone-wrong horror flick, you can also go rogue. And the options for that are interesting to say the least. You can flush people out airlocks, drive citizens insane, and just watch as “space zombies” invade to feed on the flesh of the living. Yep, interesting stuff.

Starmancer promises tons of design options, “dynamically generated” solar systems, special missions, a “constantly evolving world ” and modding support. It’s rocketing towards launch as an Early Access title on August 5th. Expect to see Starmancer be made available for the PC via Steam.

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