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Trailer: 360° shooter Orbital Bullet gets a release date and a new trailer

What’s a “360° shooter”, you ask? It’s a side-scrolling shooter where you go round and round. Just watch the trailer for Orbital Bullet. You’ll see.

You spin me right round

Orbital Bullet is a multi-award-winning action-platformer that brings with it all the hallmarks of the genre: procedurally generated levels, a bevy of fun and creative destructive implements to use against your foes, a deep-skill tree, and plenty of upgrades, modifications, and crafting. However, what makes it stand out amongst its peers is the atypical 360° level design that will see players going ‘round and ‘round while dodging incoming bullets and laying a digital smackdown on their enemies.

Assemble Entertainment

See? Pretty neat honestly. And actually, it’s out right now on the PC. Orbital Bullet is currently in Early Access via Steam, but as mentioned the full retail release is coming up fast. Just announced today, the game will be out on April 22nd, 2021.

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