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90s FPS/RPG hybrid Strife hits the Switch

A shot of classic 90s shooter goodness has come to the Nintendo Switch today, with Nightdive Studios’ port of Strife. The Veteran Edition is out now.

There will be Strife

If you remember Strife, then you no doubt have some fond remembrances of what was essentially a FPS/RPG hybrid. Strife wasn’t a mainstream hit for sure, but it was an (at the time) innovative title with some great elements working for it.

Visually, the game looked more like Doom than Quake, but offered tons more depth than either. Strife actually had a solid story, and some lite RPG-ish stuff that was worked in to further that narrative along.

Now it’s back for a whole new generation of fans, thanks to retro-centric studio Nightdive, and their port which is dubbed the Veteran Edition.

Here’s a look at it in action:

In Strife, a comet impacted the Earth, causing destruction and chaos, and bringing about a horrific mutagenic virus. A sinister group, formed of surviving mutants, has attempted to take over the world. Your job, as a merc working for the benevolent group The Front, is not about to let that happen. Grab your guns and get going, as you’ll need to find the five pieces of the Sigil, a mysterious object that may take down The Order, or destroy what’s left of humanity — what happens is up to you!

Nightdive Studio press release

Strife: Veteran Edition is out right now on the Switch, and has a 25% off launch sale happening.

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