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Mezco details new Batman ’66 action figure box set

Mezco is kicking off their Batman ’66 collection in an impressive way, with an awesome box set that includes the Batmobile and 7 figures.

To the Batmobile!

If you were a Batman fan, or just a comics fan really, and you grew up any time from the 70s to the 80s, you probably saw a lot of Batman. The TV show, which debuted in the 1966, set the tone for the Caped Crusader for many a fan.

It wasn’t till years later, in the aforementioned 1980s, that Batman truly became the Dark Knight that we all know and love today. But back then, he was a lot lighter in tone, and that was something that the show capitalized on with its campiness.

That 60s era Batman has made quite the comeback in recent years too. He’s had toys, and a popular comics series that ran for quite a while and featured guest stars like the 70s version of Wonder Woman. Now he’s returning to the world of action figures, and in grand form.

The Batman (1966) Boxed Set from Mezco is the first such item from the toy-maker, and one of their first in their ‘5 points’ line. That of course, refers to the 5 points of articulation that many popular brands featured years ago. So it’s a throwback set for a throwback property.

In all, the set includes:

  • Batman – renowned crime-fighting superhero of Gotham. In addition to a vast array of hi-tech gadgets, Batman has trained his body and mind to peak human condition to battle the forces of evil.
  • Robin – the Boy Wonder and Batman’s trusty sidekick. Together, Batman & Robin form the Dynamic Duo.
  • Alfred – faithful butler to Bruce Wayne and the only person who knows Batman & Robin’s secret identities. Alfred keeps busy with his duties at Wayne Manor and below it in the Batcave.
  • Catwoman – prrrofessional criminal, thief, and arch-nemesis to Batman & Robin.
  • The Joker – the Clown Prince of Crime whose jokes and pranks are committed amidst his heinous crimes.
  • The Penguin – foul fiend and felonious mastermind with a penchant for specialized, hi-tech umbrellas.
  • The Riddler – quizzical criminal trickster and one of Batman’s greatest foes. The Riddler commits various bizarre crimes and leaves riddles behind leading to his next misdeed.
  • Batmobile – super-charged, super-vehicle full of gadgets to aid the Dynamic Duo during their missions.
  • Batcave – secret subterranean headquarters of Batman and Robin. The Batcave contains a direct passage to Wayne Manor and contains a wide range of crimefighting equipment.

With a price tag of $140.00 USD, the Batman (1966) Boxed Set is up for pre-order via Mezco’s shop right now. It’s set to ship out in winter of 2021.

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