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Darksburg brings supernatural Roguelite gameplay to the PC today

Horror-filled, co-op roguelite gameplay abounds in Darksburg, hitting today on PC. The game sets 4 players to task in a medieval zombie outbreak.

Going rogue

Eveer wanted to take a bite out of some zombies as a wolfman? Well you can in Darksburg, a new roguelite out today from Shiro Games. The title is set in a gothic-horror world, and stars a quintet of heroes out to stop a zombie horde.

Travel to a medieval village with a zombie problem and cut through waves of the undead as one of five fearless Survivors. Tank hits and tear through decayed flesh as Varag the wolfman. Lead with a ladle and serve healing soup to allies as Runolf, the gleeful gourmet, or smash skulls as Sister Abigail, a nun blessed with righteous fury. Fight alongside a team of up to four players or AI partners and battle through procedurally-generated stages rife with danger.

Shiro Games press release

Darksburg is loaded with zombies, yes, but also something called Revenants. These are pretty much boss characters, sporting super-powers. As players travel through the town, they’ll complete objectives, and also scavenge for supplies. Probably going to come in handy.

Darksburg has evolved into something truly special during its time in Early Access,” said Adrien Briatta, Head of Marketing and Publishing, Shiro Games. “We’d like to thank our dedicated community for helping us build this experience and are excited to welcome new faces into the fold as well. We look forward to joining you on the battlefield and surviving the zombie invasion!”

Adrien Briatta, Head of Marketing and Publishing, Shiro Games

Darksburg is available right now on Steam for the PC, in “1.0” form. It’s priced in at $19.99 USD, and has a limited time 50% off launch discount. So if you want a copy, you might want to hurry.

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