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New Star Wars figures and playsets announced, hit pre-order

Once again, it’s a good time to be a Star Wars fan, as Hasbro revealed some awesome new stuff late last week. That includes the Tantive IV playset.

Hallway of play

Yes, technically the Tantive IV playset is a ‘hallway’. But it’s a pretty darn awesome looking little hallway. And it’s also interconnectable, so you can stack and link as many as you’d like. That’s pretty slick honestly, and also great to see. Hasbro seems to be continuing to re-focus onto the formerly completely forgotten form factor of the playset.

Star Wars The Vintage Collection Tantive IV Playset

The new playset, which keeps The Vintage Collection’s roll going, was revealed in a fan event late last week. But it wasn’t alone. Hasbro took the wraps off of a bunch of awesome new Star Wars stuff, a good deal of which was 3.75″. So much for the rumors of that fading away.


Also announced was a series of multi-packs. Each one including a series of figures from across the Saga. These will include Bounty Hunters, Sith, and Galactic Republic sets, and don’t look to be Vintage Collection. These are the same 3.75″ scale, but seem to have 5 points of articulation.

TVC, a new lightsaber and more

Star Wars The Vintage Collection Hondo Ohnaka Action Figure

Fans of the animated Star Wars shows will also be pleased to see that there will be a single-carded Hondo Ohnaka figure. The all-around rogue was previously packed in with the gigantic Millennium Falcon, Target-exclusive reissue, but will now be eminently more affordable.

Hondo is in addition to a new TVC Darth Vader figure, this one featuring his look from Rogue One. The dark lord of the Sith will be part of a fresh wave of figures that has yet to be revealed. Nevertheless it is also up for pre-order for those who figure they’ll be getting them no matter who’s included.

Star Wars The Black Series Elite Sidious Force FX Lightsaber

There was also a Darth Sidious Force FX lightsaber revealed, seen above.

And in addition to everything else, there’s also a new wave of Black Series Archive figures coming up. So lots of great stuff incoming for Star Wars fans as we (thankfully) close out 2020.

You can hit the links above to order any and all of this. Each link leads to the Entertainment Earth listings for the toys, and if you do buy from them BG will get a small commission from the sale.

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