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McFarlane’s RAW 10 shipping out this month

One of the newest lines to come out of McFarlane Toys, RAW 10 features a lineup of cyber-creatures, and is almost ready to make its way into your collection.

RAW is war

We first told you about RAW 10 a while ago. Starring cybernetic beasts like sharks, velociraptors, and even Spawn’s Cy-Gor, the figures look nicely detailed and like they’d make solid additions to any monster fan’s collection.

In the near future, the worlds of Super-Science and Primal Savagery have merged. Hidden away from prying eyes, the secret laboratories of RAW10 have created powerful Warriors- part beast, part machine! But some have rebelled against their creator and have chosen to fight on the side of Humanity! Who will prove to be the strongest!

New to McFarlane Toys are figures that make up the world of RAW10. Each of these creatures have their own unique modes of articulation that are both fun to play with and pose

McFarlane Toys

Interested? Then you’ll be happy to know that these badboys are finally ready to ship. Well, almost. McFarlane is working with Walmart exclusively for RAW 10 (yes, I know), and the store’s site says that the figures are set to ship out starting on the 21st of this month.

There is a pre-order page for them as well, though all are sold out right now excepting Raptar (the raptor). It’s easy to see why, since they’re a good size, sport some great looking sculpts, and are not expensive at all. The bigger figures, like Cy-Gor, are $19.87 USD each, while the smaller guys like Raptar are only $9.84. That’s pretty great honestly.

You can check them out here.

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