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A Total War Saga: Troy is out/free for 24 hours via Epic

PC gamers, get ready for war. The latest game in the Total War series from Sega, A Total War Saga: Troy, is ready for download via the Epic.

Free war

Announced a while ago, A Total War Saga: Troy is one of the bigger new games to make a timed-exclusive (one year) debut via the Epic Game Store on the PC. And yes, it’s doing so for free. That’s right, the game is brand new and free to add to your virtual library.

All you need to get a gratis copy for yourself is to have an Epic account. That’s it. There’s no membership fee or anything, and it’s worth the sign-up in the opinion of this writer. That’s because Epic actually does this kind of thing all the time, though it’s usually including games that’ve been around for a while.

Troy is a first in the regard that it’s a brand new game, debuting at the free level. And yes, before you ask, it’s the full game. This isn’t a ‘free-to-play’ kind of thing.

It sounds pretty great too:

Inspired by The Iliad – Homer’s sweeping tale of romance and bloodshed – TROY focuses on the historical flashpoint of the Trojan War, bringing the conflict to life as never before. Amid the war, the player takes centre-stage as one the epic heroes of the age, tasked with defending the mighty city of Troy or razing it to the ground.

TROY offers players an authentic depiction of this fabled age, with a host of new innovations added to both campaign and battle gameplay. Featuring new methods of faction customisation such as the Divine Will mechanic, breath-taking Hellenic & real-world artistry, and an all new multiple resource economy – a Total War first.

“With TROY, we’ve created a truly unique Total War experience,” said Game Director Maya Georgieva. “We’re incredibly proud of what our team at Creative Assembly Sofia has accomplished in its recreation of this iconic period, and feel it is a great next step for the Saga series”.


Now, there is a minor catch to all of this. As mentioned above, you have to be quick about getting your copy secured. The game is free only for the first 24 hours of availability. After that, it goes to its regular ticketed price.

So basically, the sooner you can get to your computer to snag your copy of Troy, the better.

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