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Neamedia Icons set to blow up your collection with Bomberman figurines

Hot on the heels of their Pac-Man collection, comes a fresh lineup of Bomberman figurines from collectible maker Neamedia Icons.


Longtime gamers absolutely must remember Bomberman. The little mascot/character has been around for decades, and used to be quite the centerpiece of multiplayer gaming. Yes, really.

Sure, online play is great and all, but there’s nothing quite like sitting in the same room as your buddies while you blast them to pieces in a 4-player game of Bomberman. That’s something that’s been lost to time and ‘progress’, right there.

Nostalgic remembrances aside though, Neamedia has done quite the excellent looking job with the little guy. The company has a full selection of Bomberman figurines, all cast in its now familiar style.

The pieces are all forged in lacquered resin, and come in a total of two sizes. Both Icons and Mini Icons will be available, and each will be made available in several different colors.


You can grab Bomberman in his typical full-color look, and if you’re a purist you should be right at home with that one. On the flip side though, you can also opt to get him looking a little more upscale, in monochrome black or white.

All the figurines are pretty neat looking though, and should look great on your gaming shelf or desktop. The full line is available right now in Neamedia Icons’ online shop.

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