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Remade System Shock demo is out now

PC gamers, get ready to return to one of the all-time classics. The demo for System Shock, currently being remade by Nightdive, is out right now.

Demoing a classic

There isn’t much to say about System Shock that hasn’t been said already. A classic horror/FPS/sci-fi/action-adventure game, System Shock has an somewhat interesting early history. It’s a title that’s held in high-regard, and yet one that many PC gamers don’t have much of a history with. Though there’s a distinct reason for that.

Originally released in 1994 with a sequel hitting in ’99, System Shock unfortunately launched in the era of Doom. As a PC fan myself in those days, I remember very distinctly pretty much everything else getting drowned out by iD’s juggernaut. While it was a bit overshadowed in decades past though, that’s about to change. This classic is about to get a whole new audience.

System Shock is currently being remade from the ground up by Nightdive, and is the company’s first such remake. If that name sounds familiar by the way, it’s probably because you know it from remasters of titles like Turok.

While Nightdive does a great job with keeping the past alive in that way, System Shock is a whole different animal. It is, after all, a complete remake. Games like the aforementioned and Nightdive’s own System Shock Enhanced definitely look better than their legacy versions, but 2020’s remake is going to feel and look totally modern.

Check out a demo of the alpha build below, complete with developer commentary.

Shock to the system

The above not enough of a look at the action for you? Well then you’ll be happy to know that you can dig in and play the actual demo right now. It’s available via GOG or Steam, and looks to be a pretty decent taste of the action.

As for when the actual complete game will be coming, that’s a little more of a mystery. There’s no announcement on release to tell you about just yet, though Nightdive does say that there’s more news coming up next month.

Release date maybe? Stay tuned.

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