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G.I. Joe Classified adds Destro to first wave

We had seen a few figures from Hasbro’s 6″ reboot of GI Joe so far, but no bad guys. Well you can consider that oversight ‘corrected’. Destro is here.

The arms dealer arrives

When it comes to Joe, the villains are pretty much as popular as the heroes. Case in point, the Cobra hierarchy. Cobra’s ranking members include the mysterious Cobra Commander, The Crimson Twins Tomax and Xamot, the deadly Baroness, and of course Destro.

An international arms dealer, James Destro descends from Scottish nobility and is Cobra’s main suppler of weapons in pretty much every version of the fiction. In the original “A Real American Hero” era, he even broke off from Cobra and formed his own private military company, The Iron Grenadiers.

And now he’s a part of GI Joe Classified, the upcoming 6″ action figure line from Hasbro. Quite frankly too, he might be the best looking figure out of all of them.

Destro keeps his classic look, just like Snake Eyes, for Classified. He’s also got a bunch of added detail, but none of it messes with the classic vision. That’s in stark contrast to all of the Joes announced so far (excepting Snake).

Complete with his silver mask, Destro still has his medallion, and even keeps that funky neckline. He’s also packed in with a pistol, submachine gun-like weapon, and a briefcase that opens up with some great detail inside.

Check it out:

Destro is so far scheduled to ship out in June, and will run you $20.99 USD via our friends at Entertainment Earth. Note that, if you do order from them, BG will make a small commission.

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