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Wave 2 of Super7’s TMNT Ultimates announced

Super7’s first wave of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimates haven’t hit yet, but we already know wave 2. Shredder, Leo, and more are all included.


There is a lot of TMNT goodness swirling around the collector toy world right now. While the standard line from Playmates is in a holding pattern in the wake of the merch-flop of Rise of the TMNT, the more collector friendly companies are really kicking some shell.

You more than likely know a few of the lines that’ve been popping up, like DC Collectibles and NECAs assortments, but one that hasn’t even dawned at retail yet is Super7’s series of “Ultimates”.

Including a ton of accessories, these figures don’t look to mimic the movies or any cartoon show or comic. Instead, they pay major homage to the very first, and arguably most popular, toy line from Playmates.

Sculpted in the image of those late-80s/90s figures, Super7’s line features much more in the way of articulation and sculpted details. They even have both fully painted accessories and an unpainted sprue of the very same accessories, just like the original line.

So far, we’ve seen the first wave of figures, which are set to hit in the spring. Those will include Splinter, Raphael, a Foot soldier, and Baxter Stockman (as a fly!). But if you think that’s a great assortment, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Wave 2 was just announced this past weekend and will star Leonardo, Shredder, Mutagen Man, and Bebop. All of them look spot-on with their original action figure counterparts, and will ship some time this fall or winter.

The figures are available to pre-order at Super7’s online shop and also via some third party retailers.

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