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Street Fighter Swimsuit Special hits this summer from Udon

Sand, sun, and Street Fighters. It’s time once again for Udon’s Street Fighter Swimsuit Special. Though this one is a little more than you might be used to.

Summertime fun

Sure, it’s cold and rainy and grey as all get-out now, but before long it’s going to be summertime once again. And you know what that means – a new Street Fighter Swimsuit Special from Udon.

But think again if you’re under the impression that this is just another comic-sized book. While the publisher is up their warm weather antics once again, this new book is a collected edition.

Is it hot in here or is it just us? UDON Entertainment is thrilled to announce the release of the hardcover STREET FIGHTER: SWIMSUIT SPECIAL COLLECTION! The lovely ladies and lads of Street Fighter take a break from fist fights and tournaments to hit up the world’s hottest beaches, pools, volleyball courts, and more! Chun-Li, Juri, Poison, Guile, and more show off their favorite summer attire, and are sure to raise the temperature of every Street Fighter fan! Keep your eyes peeled for guest appearances from the cast of Darkstalkers, Rival Schools, and Final Fight! 


Over 60 artists have lent their talents here, including Rob ‘Robaato’ Porter on the cover. If you’re wondering if that “60 artists” line equates to 60 pages, think again.

Udon is stuffing this one with 136 pages of art. And it’s hardcover in presentation as well. So this Collection is less of a traditional ‘swimsuit special’ as seen in the 90s, and more of a fully fledged art book.

Coming in at $39.99 USD, watch for Street Fighter: Swimsuit Special Collection to hit stores on June 23rd.

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