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Blowfish Games inks multi-game deal with Valiant Comics

Valiant is about to make its triumphant return to video games, thanks to a freshly signed deal with Blowfish Games.

Playing hero

Since its rebirth in 2012, Valiant has been on the move. Home to the self-touted “third-largest connected universe” in comics, the company has some 2000 heroes and villains to its name. It seems like Valiant isn’t going anywhere when it comes to a home on the racks.

Now a part of DMG Entertainment, the publisher is kicking off two brand new initiatives however. First up is the movies. Bloodshot lands in theaters in February of 2020, with actor Vin Diesel in the title role. That’s a big deal in and of itself, but it’s just the start of what Valiant has planned, with a Quantum & Woody TV series and more movies on the drawing board.

As for the second push? That’d be some video games.

“We’re thrilled to bring Valiant’s characters back into the video game industry and give fans the opportunity to play as their favorite superheroes,” said Dan Mintz, Founder and CEO of DMG Entertainment. “Translating these characters and stories to video games could not come at a more exciting time as we introduce the world to the Valiant Universe on the big screen with the Bloodshot release. These games are poised to become further proof of these characters’ immense potential as anchors in pop culture.”

Dan Mintz, Founder and CEO of DMG Entertainment

Signing a deal with Blowfish Games, Valiant will be looking to bring several of its properties to the home gaming market. If you haven’t heard of Blowfish, it might be because they’re a smaller indie publisher. You might know them best from The Deer God, maybe their best-known title. There’s a slew of games coming up from them however, including those as yet unnamed Valiant-branded titles.

As for which heroes will take starring roles, there’s no mention just yet. You can read some comments below though, and feel free to read into them what you like.

“Getting the chance to work with Valiant’s Universe will certainly bring forth some refreshing new experiences for fans and gamers alike to explore,” stated Michael Bolden, Head of Publishing at Blowfish Studios. “I’ve always been a fan of characters like Ninjak, Bloodshot, and X-O Manowar. Valiant’s Universe presents a wealth of unique characters and rich stories that we look forward to introducing to fans as an interactive experience worldwide.”

Michael Bolden, Head of Publishing at Blowfish Studios

The video game developer is delving deep into the history of the Valiant Universe to craft an exhilarating adventure for fans. “Valiant is a mainstay of superhero fiction, and with their amazing history in comics and games I am excited to bring their next game to life,” remarked Ben Lee, Managing Director at Blowfish Studios. “We look forward to sharing our vision of the Valiant Universe to gaming fans worldwide.” 

Ben Lee, Managing Director at Blowfish Studios

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