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The ‘Baby Yoda’ toy deluge has begun… in pre-order form

You know him, you love him, he’s ‘Baby Yoda’ from The Mandalorian on Disney+. And come 2020, there’s going to be a heck of a lotta toys of him.

The Child

Did you know that ‘Baby Yoda’ is actually named The Child? That’s right, much like The Mandalorian, the babe has no official name. At least, not one that’s known at this point.

And while we do know that there are toys and collectibles on the way featuring the character, we had no idea just how many. We’re not getting a Black Series and Vintage Collection figure and that’s it. No, no; Hasbro is going to be making way more than that.

Entertainment Earth just published a bunch of pre-orders, and it’s an impressive list. Well, it is if you like Baby Yoda anyway.

Here’s what was just announced:

  • The Black Series The Mandalorian The Child Action Figure
  • The Mandalorian The Child 7 1/2-Inch Electronic Plush Toy
  • The Mandalorian Baby Bounties Soup and Blanket Mini-Figures
  • Baby Bounties Hold Me and Ball Mini-Figures
  • The Mandalorian Baby Bounties Frog and Force Mini-Figures
  • The Mandalorian The Child 6 1/2-Inch Action Figure

And remember, that’s all in addition to the Pop!s from Funko that’s on the way, and a myriad of other items like mugs and such. Yes, there’s a ton of The Child merch on the way next year.

Want to pre-order some of it? Click here for a whole page of it. If you do pre-order anything using that link, BG will receive a small commission from EE.

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