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Xbox Games With Gold: Insane Robots, Jurassic World, Toy Story 3, Castlevania

This December Xbox Gold Members can download the following games for free through the Xbox Games with Gold program. Available now, Insane Robots and Toy Story 3. Then later this month gamers can pick up Jurassic World: Evolution and Castvania: Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate.

Insane Robots And Toy Story 3

Xbox Gold Members can download the new Insane Robots which is a card-battling robot adventure. Battle other crazy robots and collect cards while battling the misfit malfunctioning robots. It is up to you to save the robots from otter disaster.

Everyone’s favorite toys are back as the dynamic duo of Buzz and Woody from Toy Story 3. Stuck back at the daycare, Buzz and Woody must find the missing toys as they try to get the gang back together.

Jurassic Park: Evolution And Castlevania: Mirror Of Fate

Then later in the month, Xbox Gold Members will be able to download Jurassic World: Evolution. Gamers can build and design their own Jurassic Park. Will you be able to stop the dinosaurs when everything inevitable goes wrong?

The final game available for free will be Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirrors of Fate. While it is a mouth full to say, this iteration of the LoS series is a great addition for the Games with Gold offerings. Make sure to pick it up later this moth.

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