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Marvel 2099 is back in a new Spider-Man epic

The world of Marvel 2099 has come back to life in a big way, with Spidey’s both current and 2099, Doom, and much more. Check out the trailer.

Future imperfect

If you weren’t reading comics in the early 90s, then you missed one of the coolest initiatives from Marvel that they’ve ever done. Marvel 2099 was a flash-forward to the future of the Marvel U. Though it was a little nebulous in terms of whether it was “official” or not, most people that I knew took it as the future of the main continuity.

There were new versions of Hulk, the X-Men, Punisher, Doctor Doom (who was actually the same Doom) and of course Spider-Man. And it’s the latter two that the new arc that kicked off this week features.

The story sees Spider-Men of present and future teaming up to battle Doctor Doom. But it’s also poised to give fans fresh looks at some old future-friends. Executive Editor Nick Lowe and writer Nick Spencer elaborate in the trailer below.

Miguel O’Hara, the Spider-Man of the year 2099, travels back to our time to enlist Peter Parker’s aid in preventing the collapse of the time stream. But with Spider-Man’s past making his present tense and Doctor Doom seeking to make the future perfect, does Spidey stand a chance? Plus – see a slew of new and returning heroes and villains in a series of 2099 one-shots!  

“We wanted to capture the spirit of the original 2099, but while doing a completely new version and a completely new take,” says Spencer.

“This isn’t an alternate timeline! This isn’t a What If…! This is the future of the Marvel Universe!” exclaims Lowe. 

Marvel Comics

Amazing Spider-Man #33 starts things off for the new story arc, and is in stores now.

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