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Behold, The Surge 2’s symphony of violence

The Surge 2 is looking a stunningly gory blast of slicing, dicing, and generally rampaging across a dystopian future-scape.

Ah what beautiful music they make

If you liked the original game in the series, it seems as though The Surge 2 is kicking things up a significant degree. This new trailer for the game showcases that pretty well, and all set against some smooth tunes.

In it, players slice into the villainous denizens of the series’ future world with aplomb. Of course, there’s a point to all of this dismemberment. The Surge 2 puts an emphasis on actually grafting the bad guys’ tech onto your own rig once its been… liberated.

It sounds like a really cool mechanic, and makes for some extremely cool looking action. Check it out below.

The Surge 2 brings back The Surge’s acclaimed combat system, allowing you to target and weaken enemy armor points so you can take the equipment for yourself, or aim for a weak spot and finish the fights quickly. Each fight becomes a desperate risk-versus-reward decision, and you must utilize all the tools in your arsenal to survive, including a customizable combat drone, game-changing implants, a new directional parrying system and many more…

The Surge 2 press release

The Surge 2 hits the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 24th.

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