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Xbox Games With Gold: Hitman, We Were Here, Earth Defense Force, Tekken Tag Tournament

The Games with Gold are here for September. Available today, Xbox Gold Members will be able to download Hitman: The Complete First Season, We Were Here, Earth Defense Force 2025, and Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Hitman and Earth Defense Force

Become one of the greatest assassins, Agent 47, as Hitman: The Complete First Season is now available. Travel across the globe and visit some of the most famous locations as Agent 47 has a job to complete. This collection contains all six story episodes including a plethora of extra content.

Another chapter in the thrilling series, Earth Defense Force 2025, is also currently available. It seemed as though the giant alien bugs had finally moved on and peace ascended onto Earth. Instead, the aliens were biding their time and coming up with bigger, meaner, and badder bugs. Will you be able to stop the invasion?

We Were Here And Tekken

Starting on September 16th, Xbox Gold Members will be able to pick up the thrilling, We Were Here. This mysterious adventure takes place in an “abandoned” castle out in the wilderness. Try to survive and make it out alone or team up with a buddy to solve puzzles all while trying to escape.


The last game available will be Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Join the battle as Armor King or Anna, in this chapter of the popular 3D fighting game. Do you have what it takes to stop Heihachi? Find out on September 16th.

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