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Crash Team Racing’s second free DLC drop is on August 2nd

The second issuance of free4 downloadable “Grand Prix” content for Crash Team Racing is on the way. Go Back N. Time in just a few days.

Gotta get…

Back N. Time is the second of the planned DLC drops for Crash Team Racing. It expands the game even further, and still retains that freebie status. And much like in the first pack, you get a good deal of content this time.

It looks like Cortex hit the rewind button a little too long, creating Baby versions of Crash and Coco, two new playable characters showing up in the Pit Stop this season! But don’t let the pacifiers fool you, the Back-N. Time Grand Prix is also packing some major bedrock flair with the ability to unlock the kart turned time-machine Probulot 2000 in the Pit Stop, the beloved kart from Crash Tag Team Racing. Players will have 18 new items to earn by completing challenges and filling their Nitro Gauge. Highlighting these rewards is a new racer to CTR, Baby T., the beloved character from Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. 

Activision press release

In addition to the new characters, and in keeping with the time-travel theme, you’ll also get a trio of skins. But we’re not stopping there as there’s also a new customization option for your ride, and of course a new track to play on.

Included is:

  • Mad Scientist Crash skin
  • Sabertooth Pura skin
  • Stone Age N. Tropy skin
  • Lava Rock Wheels customization option
  • Prehistoric Playground track

Prehistoric Playground will immerse racers in an epic world with Jurassic-sized flora, violent geysers bursting from the ground, caves with mysterious wall-paintings, and of course, giant dinosaurs roaming the land! 

Activision press release

All of the above will be posted for download for Crash Team Racing on your console of choice as of August 2nd. All you need is a copy of the game.

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