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Disney pumps the breaks on Fox’ X-Men movies

Big changes are afoot Marvel fans. Well at least from the looks of it they are, as Disney has taken some interesting action with Fox’ slate of X-Men movies.

Delay of X

You knew this was coming. At least, you probably could have made an educated guess that this was coming. And it appears that there’s definitely something happening with Fox and Disney as go Fox’ Marvel properties.

With Disney’s acquisition of Fox now complete, the House of Mouse has begun getting its hands dirty with the former studio’s Marvel properties. Sure Marvel Cinematic Universe honcho Kevin Feige has said that it’ll be a while till everything is integrated, but there’s no time like the present to get started.

Mainly, that means the focus is on the X-Men movies, and handling their immediate future. That’s safe to assume since Fox’ Fantastic Four films have been dead in the water since the disastrous reboot. There’s nothing happening with them at all. At least, nothing Fox-related.

As for the X-Men though, Dark Phoenix is coming up soon, hitting theaters on June 7th. After that was to be the New Mutants, which was set to shake up the X-films with more of a horror-tinge.

Disney however, will be doing some shaking ups of its own

New Mutants is shifting from August 2019 to April of 2020. That’s quite a change and has to have fans once again thinking that the film might fall off the schedule all together, as was the rumor for a time.

For now though, it’s still set to see theaters, which is more than can be said for the other X-properties. It looks like Disney has removed Gambit, Kitty Pryde, and anything else Fox-related off of the schedule.

Even so though, it’s a fair bet that not all of the X-movies are coming to an end. We haven’t seen the last of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. Disney has already confirmed that that series indeed has a future.

How that comes to pass remains a mystery, though it might have something to do with a certain multiverse…

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