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First PlayStation 5 details emerge

You had to know it was coming, especially with the rumors of the last few months. Now it’s finally here – the first few details of the PS5 are out.

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Breaking today is a batch of news that PlayStation fans and the Sony faithful should be pretty happy about. Sony’s Mark Cerny sat down with Wired magazine recently, and talked for the first time about the PS5.

Not that Cerny actually calls it that in the piece, but as Wired points out, it’s the obvious choice. There’s no other name for the next PlayStation than the PS5, and I think it’s safe to say the designation is not in question.

Of course, everything else is. Well, it was. Thanks to Wired’s interview though, we’ve got some clarification on a few things. And some of this is kind of big, flying in the face of some popular thought.

First up is that you shouldn’t expect the PS5 this year, though that was a foregone conclusion. Also important to note is that Cerny is looking at PS5 to be a big jump over the model 4. He’s once again lead system architect on the project, so calling it a “revolution not an evolution” might not just be ‘industry speak’.

Other pickups from the article include that the PS5 will be backwards compatible with the PS4. You know what that means? Yep, it’s disc-based, not just a digital gaming machine. And that also means physical media isn’t disappearing any time soon. That’s a big reveal considering that the industry has been leaning digital, threatening the death of discs for a while now.

Check out the article over on Wired for a ton more, and then make sure to stay tuned. I’d expect plenty of PS5 talk come Sony’s E3 direct digital presentation. Remember, they won’t be physically at the show, but will be taking the Nintendo route with a digital showing.

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