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Starlink toy production to cease, no new toys coming

Ubisoft had a few announcements as to its Starlink IP, including what would be happening with future expansions.

Taking to the stars

Starlink is one of Ubisoft’s newest properties, and was met with some mild acclaim when it launched last Holiday season. I wouldn’t call it a smash in any way, but the shooter managed to drum up some support, specifically for the Nintendo Switch version. The reason for that, is that that specific version featured Nintendo’s Starfox and a hugely altered main storyline.

Starlink is also the newest energy in the toys-to-life genre. A formerly hugely popular genre of game, toys-to-life sees physical toys used to access in-game features. In the case of this specific game, that was pilots and starships that had interchangeable weaponry. Kind of cool.

So is there more Starlink on the way? Yes. Are there more physical spacecraft and pilots coming? No. That’s the long and the short of it, though the company itself elaborated a little.

Digital, not physical

Basically, the roadmap shakes out to be that there’s a lot more Starlink coming. Ubisoft is planning more content drops, including “a ton of free content”. And that means free DLC missions, and new challenges and activities.

The other side of that though is that there won’t be new physical anything to accompany that. No new ships, no new pilots, and no new weapon accessories. Physically.

Ubi also was quick to add to that statement, saying that there’ll be digital versions of all of that. So you will be able to add new characters and more to the game, they just won’t be real-world toys.

Whether or not you’re into that is up to you. Personally, even though I was a huge fan of Skylanders, I didn’t care one way or the other about Starlink’s toy offerings. I was just happy to load in Starfox and play the game.

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