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Get a look at the gameplay of Conan Unconquered

Conan comes to the strategy genre in Funcom and Petroglyph’s Conan Unconquered. As you’ll see in this first trailer, it’s pretty unique.

See your enemies driven before you

At first glance, Conan doesn’t seem like he lends himself to real-time strategy. Like, at all. Robert E Howard’s creation is a barbarian, and not a leader… right?

Well, that’s not entirely true. Don’t forget that Conan has indeed led men at different times, including as a pirate captain. And don’t forget that he winds up as a freaking king. The story behind Conan Unconquered isn’t based on that, but it is based on a Conan story – The Black Colossus.

Add to all of that that this game isn’t a traditional RTS, and you have something that feels pretty authentic as a “Conan” experience.

Take a look at the first gameplay peek in the trailer below.

So it’s not tower defense, but it’s also not a standard RTS. It’s right there in the middle, with many of the conventions of the main genre attached, but also with an emphasis on fast paced gameplay and action. Pretty cool.

There’s no firm release date as of yet for Conan Unconquered, but it should be hitting the PC relatively soon. Publisher Funcom has tagged it with a quarter 2, 2019 date.

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