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Marvel and Rob Liefeld debut Major X

A brand new X-Men character is about to hit Marvel’s comic book universe courtesy of Cable and Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld.

X marks the mutant

What’s a name more synonymous with 90s Marvel than Rob Liefeld? There are only a handful. He was and still is a pretty big name with the company and in comics in general.

Liefeld has worked on and off with the comics giant since leaving to form Image in that same era. As of late though, he’s been cozying up to the House of Ideas. Honestly, he was probably already pretty well-liked over there, what with the success of his creation Deadpool and all.

In any event, he’s now securely back in the Marvel fold, and once again creating for the publisher. His first effort? That’d be Major X.

“To me, the X-Men have always thrived on big ideas, crazy ideas,” Liefeld said in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly. “Major X introduces a new character who is certain to mix up everything in the X-world. He hails from another existence, which is called the ‘X-istence’ — a mutant Shangri-La, a safe haven that has been a realm where mutant kind has lived in peace and harmony. They escaped there following a tragedy that befell mutant kind, and built this community…but then a terrible event happens within the X-istence that causes Major X to cross over and land in the Marvel Universe that we know.”

C.B. Cebulski, Editor-in-Chief of Marvel, said “I still remember when Rob made his Marvel debut, and the impact his art and storytelling had on comics. The energy and enthusiasm Rob brings to comics and every page he draws is still felt to this day, and it’s a joy to have him return to his roots with the X-Men. Rob may have started developing these X-ideas 30 years ago, but his story will leave an indelible mark on our modern mutants!”

Marvel press release

Major X kicks off a limited series of 6 issues this April.

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