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Metro Exodus’ Spartan set is one loaded Collector’s Edition

Postcards, dog tags, a statue, and even a mockup of a radioactive barrel? It’s all loaded into Metro Exodus’ Spartan Edition.

Not all that Spartan of an edition

Collector’s editions of video games are pretty common. Some are worth your attention, and some are lacking anything all that special. Then there are the standouts, the special editions that are jam packed with extra content and collectibles. The ones too tempting to pass up on for the die hard fans. This might be one of those.

Metro has accrued a nice fan following for itself, and has impressed with its first two outings. The third game in the seiners, Metro Exodus, looks just as good. With its open world that finally takes the action above ground, it actually looks like it might be the best Metro yet.

And if you are one of the biggest of fans, then you might want to take a serious look at the Spartan Edition. It’s got everything and a radioactive barrel.

  • A Premium Artyom Statue: This highly detailed, hand-painted resin statue stands at 10.5 inches high and captures the iconic scene from the Metro Exodus announcement trailer of Artyom fighting off a deadly Watchman. Each statue is individually numbered.

  • Authentic Spartan Order Dog Tag: A finely crafted replica of Artyom’s Spartan Order tag.

  • “Artyom’s Memories” Collectible Postcards: Arytom’s most treasured items are postcards from the world before it was devastated by nuclear war. Fans of the Metro series will recognize Artyom’s collection, given to him by those he encounters on his journey.

  • Spartan Order Patches: Two authentic Spartan Order patches to wear with pride.

Add to that that drum that everything is packed into, and you’ve got one massive and impressive collectible set.

Unlike some other Collector’s Editions, the Spartan Edition is actually limited too. Not that we’re talking a couple hundred copies though, as there will be 4,000 of these made.

Publisher Deep Silver adds that, while the Spartan Edition does not come packed with the game, you can order it with The Aurora Limited Edition. That’s the special edition of Metro Exodus, and is nothing to sneeze at all by itself. The Aurora comes with steelbook packaging, “World of Metro” Art Book, and the Exodus Expansion Pass.

As for pricing, the Spartan Edition will run you $149.99 USD alone, or $234.99 USD packed with that Aurora Edition of the base game. Hitting the Xbox One, PS4, and PC, Metro Exodus (and all of the above) arrives at retail on February 22nd, 2019.

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