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Happy Halloween – here’s the first footage of the PS4’s new MediEvil

It’s a Happy Halloween from Sony, as the company has unleashed the first look at the all-new MediEvil. It’s remade from the grave up.


Does any PSOne gamer not have great memories of playing the original MediEvil? Providing you actually had the game, probably not. Cast as Sir Dan, players got to take on an army of the undead… as a member of the undead. Far from a serious affair, MediEvil was an action/comedy. It was packed with colorful designs and silly characters, not the least of which was Sir Dan himself.

As you’ll see in today’s Halloween treat from Sony, the “hero” hasn’t changed any, though his looks sure have. MediEvil was originally said to be a remaster of the original PSOne game, but it’s most definitely not.

Totally rebuilt, the grave-hopping adventure is looking like a completely new game. And yes, that means complete with PS4 Pro bells and whistles like 4K support. Just as to when Sir Dan will shamble forth is still a mystery however. While Sony has graced us with a first look, they haven’t talked release dates just yet.

Hopefully, that’s going to be soon though, since MediEvil is looking great. Here’s your first look at the game:

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