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Marvel’s Spider-Man spins his web on the PS4 today

Finally landing on the PlayStation 4, Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Games has arrived. Puddles or no, it’s looking great.

Like a streak of light

If you’ve been following the “drama”, apparently there were some people who said that Marvel’s Spider-Man had been downgraded in the visual department. If that’s the case, then I certainly can’t tell. The game looks absolutely stunning, and yes – there are plenty of puddles.

Hard to argue with that. Not that that extended trailer above showcases actual gameplay, because it doesn’t. It does seem pretty close to the level of quality that it looks like you can expect from it though.

Here’s 10 minutes of gameplay from the show floor, at this past E3. Developer Insomniac is sticking to their statement that nothing in the way of graphics has been changed since.

A new Marvel Universe

Aside from looking a like a great Spider-Man game, this is also the start of a brand new universe for Marvel. Spider-Man takes place in an alternate universe, albeit one that’s very much in line with the mainstream 616 reality.

Peter Parker has been Spidey for 8 years in this world, and is a pro at superheroics. He’s also got a full rogues gallery, as you can tell, and both Mary Jane and Miles Morales are a part of his life. So the web that this game weaves is both familiar for longtime fans, and something new in terms of designs and the story that it tells. I hear there’s one heck of a teaser at the game’s conclusion too, one that sets up more to come.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available right now, exclusively for the PS4.

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