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Nintendo Download: It’s Monster Hunting Time!

Monster Hunter arrives on the Switch this week, marking a pretty big moment for the console. It’s joined by Prison Architect, Fatal Fury 2, and Night Trap.

Hunting Monsters on the go

It’s actually kind of a big week once again on the Nintendo Download. Not only is there a clear marquee game in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, but there are a few interesting second-string releases too.

Sega CD classic Night Trap finally hits Nintendo’s console as well. If you’re too young to remember that glorious mess, then you might want to check this release. It’s kind of worth it just for the laughs. Neo Geo classic (actually this time) Fatal Fury 2 also lands this week, along with Prison Architect, which was fairly highly praised just a few years back.

There’s also Morphies Law, Blade Strangers, and Victor-freaking-Vran (I’m excited for that one).

Check out the full list below.

Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch

  • Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate – This critically acclaimed action RPG series makes its debut on the Nintendo Switch system. Choose from 14 different weapon types, mix and match them with unique Hunting Styles and Hunter Arts, or even play as an adorable but ferocious Felyne in Prowler Mode. The Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate game features the largest cast of monsters for any game in the series, from returning fan favorites to mysterious never-before-seen monsters. Monster Hunters Generations Ultimate will be available on Aug. 28. A free demo of the game is available to download now on Nintendo eShop.

  • Blade Strangers – A malevolent force known only as Lina is devouring data from a vast, interdimensional network of servers overseen by sentient computers called “motes.” In desperation, the motes summon heroes from a variety of parallel game worlds to face off against each other in one-on-one combat. Fighter roster includes popular characters from previous Studio Saizensen and/or Nicalis games, including Code of Princess EX, Cave Story+, the Umihara Kawase series, and The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+. Other surprise entrants include the well-known indie superstar characters, Shovel Knight and Gunvolt. The Blade Strangers game will be available Aug. 28.
  • Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition – In the Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition game, you will see the impact of your grand design on the lives of your inmates, be it a utopic center for rehabilitation, a brutal Super Max Prison, or anything in between. Acting as both architect and governor, you control every detail of your Prison – from building new cells and facilities to hiring staff and creating reform programs – all while dealing with informants, contraband smuggling, gang warfare, full scale riots and more!

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