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Sega spotlights Sonic Team Racing’s team gameplay in new trailer

Sonic Team Racing is all about teamwork, whether it’s slingshotting your teammate into first place or activating game-changing power-ups.

Shake and bake!

Sega pretty clearly wanted to shake up the kart-racer genre, and that is exactly what the team mechanics seem to do in Sonic Team Racing. The game does indeed look familiar through, as it’s got the same look and style as previous games in the series after all. If you’re a fan, you should be right at home.

And from the look of that trailer, you should find a good deal to like about the game’s new gimmick. Kart racing is usually a solo “sport”, but the team style of this game looks to add quite a bit of strategy into the mix.

Team moves include:

  • Skimboost: Boost struggling teammates back into action as you drive by!
  • Slingshot: Slipstream a teammate for a slingshot boost!
  • Rival Takedown: Knock out highlighted opponents ahead and speed past them!
  • Item Box Transfer: Send and receive Wisps with teammates anywhere on the track!
  • Team Ultimate: Use Team Mechanics to fill your Team Ultimate meter and unleash a massive team boost!

Ready to start your engines? Sonic Team Racing is set to hit the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC later this year.

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