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SDCC 2018: Exclusive “Laughing” Prince Adam hits Super 7’s Hordak’s Lair popup

Super 7 has a habit of opening popup shops for SDCC, and this year will not be an exception. Hordak’s Lair will have a crazy exclusive with the “Laughing” Prince Adam figure.

What’s going on?

Of course, you’ve seen the video. The viral vid that starred a laughing Prince Adam from Masters of the Universe made the rounds online a few years back. You do still see it from time to time even today though, and it’s kind of cemented its place in pop culture. I always find that a little nutty when it’s originally just someone doing something for fun. Cool, but nutty.

If you somehow don’t know what I’m talking about though, here’s the video:

Still can’t bring myself to watch the whole thing.

In any event, the original creation is just background for what we’re actually talking about today. And that is an action figure of Adam from it. Yep, that’s right, the mad geniuses over at Super 7 have seen fit to issue a super-exclusive of “Laughing” Prince Adam.

Features include:

  • New Laughing head sculpt inspired by the viral video
  • New pink power sword
  • Rainbow glitter packaging

The figure will be available exclusively at Hordak’s Lair, which is Super 7’s special offsite store for the show. You’ll be able to find it at located at 701 8th Avenue in San Diego’s downtown area, and it’ll be stocked with much more than just the variant Adam.

He will definitely be there though, if you get in early enough. As usual with the big cons, if you really want any of the exclusives, you’ll have to get to their respective booth/popup early. Adam will only be available on the mornings of the 18th and 19th too, so make sure you’re not planning on going one of the later show dates.

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