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Spider-Man video game to star in slate of Marvel Comics alt-covers, while costume becomes canon

Not a dream, not an imaginary tale, Insomniac’s Spider-Man is coming to Spidey’s Marvel Comics. And we mean that in more ways than one.

Of course, you no doubt recognize that big white spider from Insomniac’s upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man (yes, that’s the title) game. It’s… standout. Personally, I don’t dig it at all, though there’s a segment of fans who do. And those fans will certainly be thrilled to see that there’s a series of variant covers starring them coming up.

Variations on a theme

Even if you’re not hot on the design though, you might like the “theme”. Why? Because they all look like they play off of classic Spider-Man cover art. I’ll admit, that’s a pretty cool deal. And of course the guys at both Marvel Games and Insomniac are pleased as punch about it.

“Growing up as lifelong fans of the web-slinger, everyone on the Marvel Games, Insomniac Games and PlayStation teams are honored and thrilled that characters from Marvel’s Spider-Man are not only gracing all-new variant covers, but are also starring in an in-continuity Marvel Comics event,” said Marvel Games executive creative director Bill Rosemann. “While making the game we poured through hundreds of Spidey’s comics, which inspired our take on his many famous friends, foes, costumes and moments. For the creative process to come full circle and see our version of the characters now appear in the web-slinger’s latest comic book saga is a dream come true for these True Believers.”

“It’s been such an honor for all of us at Insomniac Games to bring the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler to the PlayStation 4, but to see our version of Spider-Man now swing to the pages of a Marvel comic and be featured in SPIDERGEDDON is something we could have never imagined,” said Insomniac Games creative director Bryan Intihar. “We’re all web heads and super excited for the upcoming comics.”

The set of covers will adorn some of Marvel’s titles this coming September, so look for that. Also Spidergeddon #0, which is an upcoming Spider-Man event series, will have the beauty-shot of the new suit from Insomniac’s game. That’s the image that you see in the title. Neat stuff.

Watch for that zero issue to hit the stands on September 26th.

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