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Esad Ribic announced as Fantastic Four cover artist, as Marvel releases teaser

Esad Ribic

The first family of Marvel is back. And the Fantastic Four will be returning in style, with covers by artist Esad Ribic. Get a look at the first one, as well as a teaser trailer for the book, after the break.


I am very excited. As a fan of the FF from way back, I love that Marvel is finally realizing that the team should have a place on its modern publishing slate. Though I don’t actually know if this revival has more to do with the team’s history, or the fact that Marvel/Disney might be getting the film rights back. Eh, either way honestly. I’m just glad they’re returning.

At it’s best, Fantastic Four is a fun, adventurous series, loaded with as much weird stuff as you throw at a page. And that’s just what I’m hoping writer Dan Slott will be bringing to the table. Slott has proven that he can do stories like that in his decade-long run on Spider-Man. Unlike the web-head, FF should let him really go nuts too, with as much strangeness as possible. I’m less familiar with artist Sara Pichelli, but she’s certainly worked on plenty of big name books. The penciler counts the likes of Batman, Spider-Man, and the X-Men in her portfolio.

As for the team itself, it looks much like what you’d expect, and that’s a good thing.

Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben are all present and look to be decked out in some very traditional uniforms. Right there with them though, look to be Franklin and Val. Though they look to be in an apparently older form than fans are used to. And it’s also worth mentioning that Reed and Sue are holding hands. So with that, I think it’s safe to assume that they’re back “together” in this new run.

Good stuff all around so far from Marvel for the FF, including the announcement of Esad Ribic as the cover artist. It’s unknown just how many issues he’ll be working on, but his style is a cool one and the promo art for the first issue is very nice indeed. Don’t know about that beard on Reed though.

Catch issue #1 when it hits stands this summer.

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