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Toy Fair 2018: Playmates goes back to the 80s with classic Voltron

Prefer the classic 1980s Voltron to the modern take? Then you’re going to love the wave of figures that Playmates has in the wings. It’s 100% nostalgia and might be one of the best classic Voltrons ever.

Form Voltron!

Shown at Toy Fair in NYC a few weeks back, Playmates has gone all in on this one. Seriously, the toy company only has a few major lines that they produce, and Voltron is almost as big as their premier property – the TMNT.

Obviously, a huge part of the line is the modern version of the character. And there’s good reason as the redesign of the main mech is pretty awesome. It also has a series of fresh takes on the pilots of the iconic lion force and their assorted villains.

It’s pretty cool stuff, and a solid reinvention. That’s not something that I say too much about reboots, but I think it’s fitting here. Still though, like more than a few fans, even though the new bot is cool, I’m partial to the original.

And to that end, you need to check out the classic Voltron that Playmates has cooked up for retail this year. The Lions are all individually packaged in blister cards, with the largest (the black lion) getting a box.

And when you have all of ’em, you can indeed form into Voltron. What kind of Voltron toys would they be if you couldn’t?

Check them all out in the gallery below.

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