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Mission Impossible: Fallout trailer explodes online

Okay, it doesn’t exactly explode, but there’s plenty here for Mission Impossible fans to get excited about. Get ready for some big moments, massive stunts, Henry Cavill’s mustache, and Tom Cruise aplenty.


So what’d you think? I can’t exactly place why it was so important that Henry Cavill have a mustache in this movie. Kind of funny that it turned out to be one of the most-picked at things about Justice League. But the way Warner Bros digitally removed it for the re-shoots wasn’t… great.

Anyway, the trailer for Fallout debuted at the Super Bowl a few days back, and actually looks pretty great. I am an MI fan to begin with, so maybe I’m biased, but this looks right in line with what we’ve come to expect from the series. It’s good to see Mr. Hunt back in action too, Cruise always seems to come through with these films. Well, except for MI2, but we won’t get into that.

With director Chris McQuarrie back in the big chair, Mission Impossible: Fallout follows Hunt and his team on a mission to recover some stolen plutonium after “a mission gone wrong”. Watch for it to debut in theaters this summer, on July the 27th.

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