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Yadda, yadda, yada, Seinfeld finally goes digital

One of the greatest TV comedies of all time is finally available in digital formats.

It’s a show… about nothing!

There’s no denying what Seinfeld meant to TV, and NBC in particular in the 1990s. The episodic comedy was the centerpiece of the channel’s “Must See TV” lineup and the most watched thing on television for a good long time. Created by comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, it was a veritable phenomenon too. I mean, lines from the show became memes before there actually were memes. I watched it religiously, and yes, still watch episodes if I happen to come across one in syndication.

Now of course, that’s not necessary if you want to watch Jerry and the gang in action. This week, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced that the show has now been digitized. Landing on digital distribution platforms for the first time ever, Seinfeld is available both as individual episodes and in its entirety. S it you’ve got a fave in there, and you probably do, then you can grab just that one, a season, or the whole show’s run.

That’s 180 episodes by the way, most of which fall into that category above. These are comedy classics that include everything from “The Soup Nazi” to “The Bubble Boy”. Good stuff all around.

Seinfeld is available right now.

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