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EA talks post-launch Battlefront II with new The Last Jedi “season” and campaign content

Did you think that Star Wars Battlefront II was going to fade away after it hit retail? Did you think that there wasn’t going to be any DLC? Well, honestly, what were you thinking?!

Expanded universe

EA loves DLC, and so do games in general these days. So with that in mind it should come as a shock to absolutely no one that Star Wars Battlefront II looks like it’ll have plenty. Last week, EA confirmed that with a little peek at what’s coming up. In the short term anyway,  it looks like Battlefront II will have some pretty nifty downloadables.

The publisher is promising gamers that Battlefront II’s world will be as likely as possible. Fresh content will be making its way into the title regularly from the looks of things, and there’ll be live events as well. Those will start almost immediately, as The Last Jedi crashes into the game.

The first “season” starts on December 5 with an infusion of content from the new film. And yes, that’ll include new characters to play as. Both Finn and Captain Phasma will be playable, and should make for some interesting combat possibilities. Along with them, you can expect “new locations in Crait, a new Galactic Assault map, and D’Qar a new Starfighter Assault map”. And there’ll be stuff to do too, like “special faction challenges throughout the course of the season”.

So there seems to be plenty there to keep you coming back once you’ve tasted multiplayer, and beat the campaign. Oh, and speaking of that…

Iden Versio, the main character of the campaign, will be making a fast return. EA will be launching a brand new chapter of single-player action. No word on when it’ll be out, but we do know that Imperial pilot Versio will be included. As for the love The Last Jedi content, that arrives on December 5th.

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