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Marvel Comics lays out its Legacy in new event book

Marvel is rolling its universe all the way back to the year 1 million BC for an origin story like no other. But what spins out of Marvel Legacy might be even bigger.

Gotta get back in time

Certainly no stranger to retcons or #1 issues, Marvel is prepping what might be the grandaddy of both. Marvel Legacy has been detailed as of this week, and it’s stunningly expansive in scope.

Things start off in a one-shot that’s as weird as anything else I’ve seen from the publisher. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as the publisher says the fallout is going to be massive.

Here’s what Legacy #1 is shaping up as:

An Asgardian titan. A Wakandan warrior bred to be a king. The very first Sorcerer Supreme.

Since its inception, Marvel has been delivering groundbreaking heroes and explosive stories. Now, prepare to return to the dawn of time, as Marvel introduces you to the first Avengers from 1,000,000 BC – when iconic torch-bearers such as Odin, Iron Fist, Star Brand, Ghost Rider, Phoenix, Agamotto, and Black Panther come together for the startling origin of the Marvel Universe, in MARVEL LEGACY #1!

The acclaimed team of writer Jason Aaron (Mighty Thor) and artist Esad Ribic (Secret Wars) reunite for an all-new 50-page blockbuster one-shot that will take you through time to the current Marvel Universe, showing you how it’s truly “all connected.” A true homage to Marvel’s groundbreaking stories, MARVEL LEGACY brings your favorite characters together for exciting and epic new stories that will culminate in returning to original series numbering for long-running titles.

MARVEL LEGACY #1 isn’t simply a history lesson,” says SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. “Rather, it’s the starting gun to a bevy of mysteries and secrets and revelations that will reverberate across the Marvel Universe in the weeks and months to come! No character, no franchise will be untouched by the game-changing events that play out across its pages. Jason and Esad pulled out all the stops to fat-pack this colossal issue with as much intrigue, action, surprise, mystery, shock and adventure as possible!”

MARVEL LEGACY #1 will present all fans – new readers and current readers – the very best jumping on point in the history of comics,” says Marvel Editor in Chief Axel Alonso. “What Jason and Esad have crafted is more grand and more gargantuan than anything we have ever seen before and introduces concepts and characters the Marvel Universe has never encountered. Fans are going to witness an all-new look at the Marvel Universe starting at one of the earliest moments in time carried all the way into present day. Not only will this be the catalyst for Marvel evolving and moving forward, but expect it to be the spark that will ignite the industry as a whole.”

This September, prepare to MAKE MINE MARVEL with the most surprising, suspenseful, mysterious, astonishing tale ever told, featuring appearances from almost every beloved Marvel hero! It all leads to the return of a major Marvel icon in a shocking reveal that will leave fans speechless!

True believers: this book has it all! Dive into all the excitement when MARVEL LEGACY #1 comes to comic shops everywhere this September!

The first Avengers?

No, it’s not just you, this is a weird one. The “first Avengers” team sounds super-bizarre, and I doubt Legacy will be “the spark that will ignite the industry as a whole.” Rampant hyperbole anyone? Although I have to say I’m intrigued by the mysterious reappearance that’s mentioned. A Marvel icon eh? That could be any one of a dozen or so characters.

Could it be Captain Marvel? That might be your first guess, though I’d say ‘no’, since Marvel’s current Cap is doing just fine. And -of course- she has a big part to play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a standalone film on the way and everything. So I doubt she’s set to be replaced any time soon.

So who could it be? The Hulk? The original Nick Fury? What’s Mister Fantastic up to these days? Maybe it’s him? Or maybe it plays into the images in the gallery at the end of this article.

That’s right, the crazy doesn’t stop with Legacy #1.

Returns, and monster shake-ups?

Now, we don’t really have any context for these gifs that you’re about to see. So basically, feel free to read into them whatever you like. But a word of warning – some of them are explosive, especially if you’re a long time fan.

Could Jane-Thor be on the way out? Are the FF coming back (in some form)? And what’s with Spidey?! Have a peek at what’s on the way, in the gallery below.

As for Legacy #1, watch for that on the stands this September, from the talented team of Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic. And did someone say “Double Gatefold Cover” by Joe Quesada? Oh right, I did.

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