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New game developer releases trailer for Somerville

The newly made game development company Jumpship has released a trailer for their first project, “Somerville.”

The Facts

The trailer, released June 27, shows a rural homestead in the foreground while more futuristic structures and action are seen in the background. The game is further explained on its official website, which describes it as “A Sci-Fi Action Adventure that chronicles the lives of key individuals in the wake of a global catastrophe.”

The game is the first offering from Jumpship, a UK based independent game development company. It is headed by the IP’s original creator Chris Olsen and Dino Patti, the former CEO and co-founder of Playdead, the company behind “Limbo” and “Inside.” The new company’s philosophy is detailed on the game’s official site:

Our philosophy is to break preconceived notions of what games can be by exploring the creative possibilities of the medium. We believe in games as a legitimate and positive endeavor; with potential not only as an entertainment medium, but as a tool to question the human condition. We strive to support our intent with an unwavering ethic in all facets of the process.
This unwillingness to take the path well-trodden, to aim for standards seemingly out of reach and meticulously handcraft every aspect is where the weight of value lies for us as a studio.  It raises entertainment to something deeply personal.

Author’s Take

It’s always good to see a new IP enter the market and the game certainly has talent behind its production. There’s only so much to be gleaned from teasers though, so hopefully something more concrete will be released soon.



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