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E3 2017: Devolver Digital showcases Ruiner and retro Serious Sam

There isn’t a ton of content in this presentation by Devolver Digital, but what’s there is pretty funny. Oh, and there are a few good looking new titles as well.

Run and gun

Is that the heady aroma of self-deprecation I detect? Yep, it sure is, and that could mean only one thing – it’s Devolver Digital time.

And first off, Ruiner looks awesome. It’s a isometric, cyberpunk action adventure with some slick looking graphics and a whole lot of weaponry. If you’re into the rising tide of cyberpunk stuff, I’d find it hard to believe that you wouldn’t like the looks of this one.

Other than Ruiner, we’ve got a new Serious Sam title that’s reminiscent of quarter crunching arcade titles of old. Actually, it reminds me a lot of Smash TV, and that’s not a bad thing by any means. I’m digging the 16bit-y looking aesthetic too.

Past those, well there were a few more comedic moments. I think. I mean, there’s no way Devolver Earliest Access, the Screenpay Option, or Comment Content Creator could be real things. Or… could they? Since it looks like it’d be fairly easy to lose a hand wth the Screenpay Option, I’m going to say ‘no’. But don’t just listen to me, have a look for yourself.

Hope you’re not squeamish!

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