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Unviversal Unveils Their “Dark Universe”

Universal announced on Monday evening that their very own connected cinematic universe was on the way.

The idea of yet another extended universe shouldn’t hit anyone as a huge surprise. Marvel did it, DC is in the process of working towards the idea, Legendary is making what looks to be an excellent “Kaiju-verse.” The idea of a connected cinematic universe isn’t new, but the properties at stake here are so well known and have such regard in the public mythos, that I really hope they don’t screw it up.

The movie set to kick off the universe is The Mummy, starring Tom Cruise. Up until the announcement of this new universe, I honestly thought that the new mummy was just a remake of the Brenden Frasier series from the early 2000’s, which was, just a re-imagining of Universal’s original mummy flick. The announcement that Dr. Jeckyl would make an appearance in the Mummy reallly sets up this announcement as more of an “Is anyone really surprised?”

I know I am not surprised, but given the history behind these monsters, I can’t wait to see where a non-musical Phantom of the Opera goes with a 20XX film budget.

I just hope that by the end of this cinematic run, we get to see the Phantom and the Invisible Man on some sort of team up movie.

Take a look at the first trailer for the Dark Universe, detailing and describing the legacy of the Universal monsters, below:


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