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Invincible comic book movie adaptation in the works

The long running comic series “Invincible” is finally making its way to the big screen, directed by the minds behind “This is the End” and AMC’s “Preacher.”

The Facts

Announced April 4, the super hero comic series written by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman was revealed to have a movie adaptation in the works. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film will be directed by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, the team behind recent films such as “This is the End,” “The Interview” and “Sausage Party.”

“No matter how much damage it causes our bodies, minds, and our most intimate relationships with those we love, we will not rest until Invincible is as great a movie as it deserves to be,” Rogen and Goldberg said jointly in a statement following the announcement.

Kirkman, who worked alongside Ryan Ottley and Corey Walker in creating the series, also released a detailed statement on the series being adapted:

“For nearly a decade I’ve had to endure the ‘what about Invincible?’ question as fans have watched The Walking Dead grow into the multi-media monstrosity it has become over the years,” said Kirkman. “The answer was always that we were waiting for the right team to partner with. That team has arrived! The esteemed misters Goldberg and Rogen have proven themselves to be top-notch directors with a keen collective eye for stunning visuals after slumming it by writing hit after juggernaut hit.”
Kirkman continued: “Invincible‘s surprising, edgy, shocking, and oftentimes blood-soaked story couldn’t be in more capable hands. With the team of Rogen, Goldberg and Universal, I’m very confident this will be another superhero movie, in a long line of superhero movies that continues to prove that it’s a viable, thrilling genre that will keep people coming to the cinema for years to come.”

About the series

The story follows Mark Grayson, the son of successful author Nolan Grayson. After reaching a certain age, Mark’s father reveals he is secretly a member of the alien race known as Viltrumites. He came to Earth in order to help mankind, using his powers under the guise of being the a superhero named Omni-man. He reveals that Mark too will develop powers he must use to help mankind and guides him along the path of growing up to be a hero capable of protecting Earth.

The series is well known for its combining traditional superhero themes with an ultraviolet aesthetic and tone. It also tackles themes of belonging, growing up and morality.

Author’s Note

After being in publication for over a decade, it’s nice to see “Invincible” receiving the movie treatment despite its hyper violent tendencies (shout out to films like “Deadpool” and “Logan” for paving the way.) Better yet, two clear fans of the source medium will be in charge of directing the work. It’ll still be a while before we have any trailers or finished material to go off of, but I’ll certainly be counting the days until we do.

*Credit to The Hollywood Reporter for breaking the story*


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