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Nier: Automata passes one million shipments and digital sales


NieR: Automata successfully passed the mile marker of having over one million copies in print or downloaded digitally, a feat that isn’t going unnoticed.

The facts

In an announcement on Square Enix’s press site on April 4, the company announced that the recently released sequel worldwide sales including both hard copy shipments and digital downloads has surpassed one million. The game’s creator Yoko Taro reacted to the news with a straight forward message of gratitude:

Developed in collaboration with Platinum Games Inc., the game has received generally positive reviews. Critics praised its fluid combat and inventive mix of gameplay styles, which combined action RPG elements with bullet hell gameplay mechanics.

Author’s Take

It’s fantastic to see a title with such a cult following succeed past expectations, and its even better when the game’s production company takes note as well. Hopefully more concrete numbers will be released soon, but for now it’s a victory for Yokotaro and his fans that is well worth celebrating.

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